Lightroom 3 Beta's Publish Services - Part 2

By Gene McCullagh
November 1, 2009 | Comments: 10

In Part 1 we examined how to use Publish Services to control target folders on the hard drive using the Hard Drive Publish Connection.

There's another Publish Service that comes with Lightroom 3 Beta. The Flickr Publish Service allows us to connect Lightroom to a Flickr account (or multiple Flickr accounts) and manage our photostream from within Lightroom. However, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Remember, this is beta software, so as you come across issues or areas that can be improved please join the conversation over at the Adobe Forums and tell the Lightroom team about it. You can help make this a great release!

We start by creating the connection to Flickr. Click on the Set up... on the right side of the Flickr bar in Publish Services.


That brings up the Lightroom Publishing Manager we saw in Part 1.

LPM Flickr.jpg

The two differences here are the Flickr Account section and the Privacy and Safety section. Privacy and Safety are pretty self explanatory and relate to how the images are displayed in your Flickr account.

To make the connection press the Log In button. This brings up the authorization dialog. In order for Lightroom to be able to connect to your Flickr account, you need to grant permission to Lightroom from your Flickr account.

Flickr Auth.jpg

Click the Authorize button and your browser will open and take you to Flickr. If you are not already logged into your Flickr account, login and you will see the authorization screen.

flickr screen 1.jpg

Since you came here from Lightroom click the NEXT button in the right side box.

flickr screen 2.jpg

Flickr reminds you of what giving permissions to Lightroom means. Click the OK, I'LL AUTHORIZE IT button.

Flickr Services.jpg

If all has gone well then Flickr will bring you to the success screen. You can now close your browser. When you return to Lightroom where the final dialog is waiting for you.

flickr done.jpg

Click Done and you will see that the connection has been established.

flickr logged in.jpg

Click the Save button and you will see your Photostream connection in the Flickr Publish Service.


Whew! Now you can control your Photostream from Lightroom. Drag and drop some images onto your Photostream then click on it to see the Publish window. Click the Publish button to upload them to Flickr. You will see them in the Published photos section.

flickr published.jpg

If we check our Photostream on Flickr we find that they are there!

Flickr Your Photostream-1.jpg

Pretty neat, eh? Wait. It get's better. If someone makes a comment on your image in Flickr those comments will attach themselves to the image in your Lightroom catalog! No, really!

flickr comment.jpg

Here's a comment entered in Flickr. Now press the Publish button again. Select the image and check the Comments section on the right side panel.

Lightroom comments.jpg

There's the comment we entered on Flicker. You can also enter comments here that will upload to Flickr. We can also see how many times this image has been made a favorite.

We can also create sets in Flickr right in Lightroom. This is as simple as creating a Photoset under the Flickr Publish Service. Right click on the Flickr bar and choose Create Photoset...


If we add some images to this Photoset and click the Publish button a new set will be created on our Flickr account.


As more online Publish Services are added this will become a very powerful feature and workflow tool!

Now for a few warnings! I warned you that this is BETA software. If you delete an image from your Flickr account online it will be forever stuck in the Photos to be deleted section of your Flickr Publish Service! Only delete images published via Lightroom using Lightroom! That will keep your catalog and your Flickr account in synch.

There is also a difference between how Lightroom interacts with Flickr STANDARD accounts and Flickr PRO accounts. With a standard account you CANNOT edit an image and republish it to Flickr. That's a limitation of Flickr's API. Delete the image from your Flickr Publish Service, make the adjustment, add it back and Publish.

If you have a PRO account you CAN republish images. When you make a change the image will move to the Re-Publish section. Click the Publish button and the changes will be uploaded to Flickr.

There are lot's of ways to put Rule #5 into practice with this new beta. so get out there and enjoy!

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Each time I've seen this feature demonstrated, it seems to be with a previously empty photostream.
Does LR3 actually sync with photos previously in the photostream, say uploaded directly to Flickr or from LR2 with the plugin?

Hi Gillian!

Publish Services will connect with existing sets and an existing photostream on Flickr. However, anything existing in that stream or those sets will not be reflected in LR3. The main issue here is that LR must keep track of items in its catalog. Right now there isn't a way to pull pre-existing Flickr images into the catalog.

But, this feature is really new and users will influence the direction Adobe takes with it. It's a start!

Hi Gene,
I got a problem. I published a photo on my flickr account via LR 3.0
Then, when I had the problem to re-publish it, I couldn't, so I delete directly from flickr, as you mentioned before. But now... I CAN'T erase from my LR catalog, I mean, the photo is still labelled "delete photos to remove" in the photostream section and that means I can't upload that picture again because LR-flickr system recognise it as a "republish".
Sorry for my broken English, I wish you can understand what's my problem

Hi Andrea!

This is a known bug that the team is actively working on for final release. There's not much we can do right now but ignore it.

Ok then... we'll wait!
Thanks for your reply.

Does the publishing seem to be extremely slow for anyone else? Granted I'm uploading high resolution photos, but it takes nearly 5 minutes per photo. I have all other applications on my computer shut down (I'm typing this on a different machine).

Also, I'm finding something weird with the sets... Before doing anything, I created a set, and put my pictures straight into that set before hitting publish. For whatever reason, the set currently only shows only one photo, but the rest of the pictures are loading into my photostream. Keep in mind, the upload is still taking place, perhaps this has something to do with it?

The uploader seems to be moving the photos to Flickr newest first -- instead of oldest first -- the opposite of most of the other uploaders I've used. I can't seem to find a way to specify that I'd like to upload oldest first. Any ideas?

I'm having the same problem as Brent. Most flickr upload programs upload the most recently taken photo last, which makes it show up as the latest image in your photostream.

This is what I would like LR3 to do, but there seems to be no way to configure the publishing _order_. If I change the sort order in the publishing preview screen, this has no effect on the publishing order. LR3 always wants to publish the newest photos taken first.

Is this a limitation? I noticed that the program behaves the same when publishing to a local hard disk folder. The newest photos are always written to disk first, regardless of the on-screen sort order or filename scheme chosen.

I am having the same problem. The last image (by capture date/time) in the set created in Lightroom is the first one uploaded into Flickr and this is messing up the sequencing of the file names I generate when doing the uploading.

I am having the same problem. The last image (by capture date/time) in the set created in Lightroom is the first one uploaded into Flickr and this is messing up the sequencing of the file names I generate when doing the uploading.

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