Windows 7 is Here!

A Chance to Win Copies of New Windows 7 Books

By Laurel Ackerman
October 21, 2009 | Comments: 44

windows7_bookshelf.jpgWe'd like to hear from those of you who are planning to upgrade to Windows 7. Tell us the top reason you're making the move to Windows 7 by leaving a comment here by 12am PT, Oct. 25, and we'll choose 7 random posts to win a free Ebook version of any of our new Windows 7 titles. One grand prize winner will be randomly chosen to win print copies of all three titles.

Windows 7: Up and Running will get you going in no time. And for further exploration and understanding, you'll want Windows 7: The Definitive Guide. In November you'll also be able to read David Pogue's tips and tricks in Windows 7: The Missing Manual.

We look forward to hearing your plans, and wish you luck in the drawing!

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I'll be upgrading for sure. Why? Because apart from the fact Windows 7 has had some great reviews, the features I've been looking at seem to really take into account the needs of most PC users.

You only need to look at the way Windows operating systems have evolved over the years to know that this will be a significant change. XP was the last decent upgrade, and that was nearly a decade ago. Windows 7 is going to give us an easy to use, secure operating system that runs more smoothly than any other Windows OS before.

We'll be upgrading slowly, carefully, and painfully since most of our users on on XP and it looks like we'll have to do clean installs. I hope I win all three titles - it looks like I'll need all the help I can get...

Well, I'll give it a try, I mean.. it seems to be way better than Vista. (Yeah, I hate Vista, it's just "cute".. still have my old and good XP).

And after all those good reviews I'm really expecting something that would not make me want to keep an old OS !

Well sofisticated OS enables us to do something we've been doing without consciousness about OS itself. Yes, of course we need to learn the new way to use it, if we use XP, but Windows 7 has worth upgrading. I will buy it for me, and my parents. =)

I agree with geek pundits like Leo LaPorte - Windows 7 is THE BEST Windows OS ever. I've been on Windows 7 since the beta and have never had an issue at any build level. I also am a software instructor and want to be as prepared as possible for the classes on Windows 7 that I'll most likely be teaching. These books can do that for me.

I'm hoping it will run as fast as some reviewers have claimed. I definitely need a speed boost and an OS upgrade costs less than a whole new machine for the type of work we do!

The top reason I'm moving to Windows 7? I'll give you three ...

(1) It's not Vista :-)

(2) I can mothball my XP box and add its monitor to my soon-to-be-Win7 primary PC's dual-monitors. Three monitors, sweet!

(3) It's not Vista. My laptop wouldn't forgive me if I upgraded my desktop and ignored my laptop :-)

1. It's an excellent enterprise class OS.

Already installed RTM version from MSDNAA in 2 computer labs and office computer. Dual monitors in office. It's what Vista promised. I still have my linux box and Mac but Win 7 is nice.

I'll upgrade XP on my MBP. Out with the old and in with the new.

I will buy Windows 7 with next upgrade of home PC.

I just ordered it, cause I got a bargain.

At the moment it seems like there are lots of great reasons to upgrade to Windows 7. For me it is going to be all about the three 'S' reasons. Speed, Stability and Security. Hopefully it will get a bit more speed and therefore useful time out of my Dell Mini 9, will run with more stability and will be better coming in and out of hibernation and will give us a break from all the security patches for a while! But I am not holding my breath on that one!

Windows 7 UI/UX surpasses Mac Snow Leopard in many ways. Apple is now playing catch up.

I've been using Windows 7 since the beta, and it has performed very well--much better than Vista on the same hardware. This time I finally feel like I can let go of Windows XP.

I was waiting long time to uprade my hardware and Windows 7 is right reason to get also good OS suitable for this new OS. Hurray!!!

I'm hoping that its performance is significantly better than Vista's.

Window management is at the heart of any OS. Windows' taskbar defines the human-computer interaction paradigm (WIMP). Although I'm not completely sold on the new window management solution in 7, it is a huge step forward. Side by side window comparison and Aero shake. But best of all, jump lists: finally a streamlined smart list for easy window access within a specific application.

I'll be upgrading my desktop Windows machine to Windows 7 ASAP. Vista Business (but NOT Home or even Home Premium) was a big improvement for me from XP for a number of reasons, but was still lacking in several areas. With Windows 7, it looks like MicroSoft finally got it right. I may wind up using the Windows box almost as much as I use my Mac.

Well I already upgraded to Windows 7, I do it because I bought a new computer, and I assembly it so idecided to install Windows 7 instead of Vista because the bad comments about the last one and it is great

My primary platform is Mac OS X but I have always worked extensively with Windows client/server platforms. Today's official release of Windows 7 is a good thing for computing in general. XP is old, and shows it's age. That operating system was released in 2001.

Ahhh 2001...

  • "Get The Party Started" by Pink was on Billboard's Top 10 at the end of 2001

  • Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, won the Oscar for Best Picture

  • American Idol didn't exist (The show would not debute until the summer of 2002)

American Politics
  • George W. Bush was in the second year of his first term in office

  • This was two years before the invasion of Iraq

  • Two years before the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security

  • An unknown Barack Obama was serving his first term in the Illinois Senate

  • Apple was just getting started again, OS wise, with Mac OS X 10.0, "Cheetah"

  • The term "Intel Mac" was an oxymoron

  • The iMac looked like this (sporting 500, 600, or 700MHz PPC processors)

Time to put 2001 behind us.

I feel like I've already upgraded - I've been running the beta and RC versions on all five PCs in my home office for months and have now moved all of them to the final release bits.

I had avoided Vista and stayed with XP due to a lack of real benefits in Vista, but Windows 7 runs much better on my lower-end machines while still offering me increased performance on my high-end machines. The new taskbar interface is much nicer IMO, especially the jump lists, and I rarely use the start menu, having my most used programs pinned to the taskbar.

Overall, I'm thrilled!

its been a long wait for a replacement for XP, nice thing is that the old laptop can be upgraded to Windows 7 too..... I tried hard to like Vista, but always left feeling frustrated.

I can only hope that after ME and now Vista, that perhaps Microsoft have learned something....

One of my old software development managers used to say, "If you beat a dog every day, eventually the dog looks forward to the beating." After time with Vista, I'm upgrading to Windows 7 simply because I'm looking forward to the beating. ;)

My Top Reasons to Upgrade?
Well first of all speed and better support for my Dell Hardware.
Second I really fancy the new UI stuff like having applications pinned to my taskbar and opening recently used documents with this application from the taskbar.
Last but not least, it's the current OS :-)

I'm moving (quickly) to Seven because I've tested the Windows 7 since the Beta version and it's the best operating system since Windows XP.

I am moving from Leopard to W7 because the AAPL market cap is quickly approaching that of MSFT.

Soon, Windows will be the new 'black' and I am going to lead the wave of switch-back.

Also, it's good for my brain to learn something different.

So how long before "Windows 7 Annoyances"
is published?

I'm a software developer, so I need to have it to stay current with what the victi - uh, clients will be getting when they buy new machines. I'll still have a bunch of XP and Vista machines around for backwards compatibility testing for the next few months (years?), but living on the platform most people are using makes sense. the really tricky part is going to be figuring out how to leverage the nifty new stuff in Windows 7 without wasting time trying not to break the XP/Vista implementations.

It's all about the new Windows shell, the current one needs to stop existing. That, and the improved multicore performances are one of the main draws I'm upgrading, I don't feel it's a big change from Vista, but it's enough to make me feel I'd be able to do the same amount of work with less frustration.

I'm upgrading from XP to get 64 bit computing. I built my home system about two years ago and windows didn't have a credible 64 bit OS then.

I'm also concerned that XP is going to quickly loose 3rd party support. I see the windows 7 debut to similar to the XP debut, where XP SP3 is 98SE, Vista is ME, and 7 is the new XP.

I just bought it, because I'm a geek and want to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies... not to mention that I didn't ever get Vista, so figured it was time for an upgrade.

I am interested in seeing the improvements in the look and feel to it.

Well, well.
I do not particularly feel the urge to see 7 (just hoping the name is not related to the "Seven deadly sins" nor that it will give way to an IT variation of them ;-).
Actually I won't be able to upgrade because I'm *nix bloke and have no win boxes to upgrade around ;-)
If I'll ever install it, it will be just out of curiosity (and indeed I'm a rather curious beast :)
The real reason I might give 7 a spin (on a VM by the way) is to participate in this draw and win your books.
The drill book (Unix Power Tools) was my first unix book way long ago, and for years it has been within reach of my hands/eyes.
I do love your books!

I have a 6 pc, multiple portable multimedia devices, 3 DVR's i stream from, and two game specific machines. I have upgraded all my pc's to Win7 to make sure I am streaming the best quality, sharing the fasted and easiest way, and reducint wasted time for all my family when dealing with our network/pc's. Not only was the installs the easiest i've had so far in 15 years. ALready I've seen improvements in file movement and streaming. I love Win7!!

It's better than Vista, faster than XP, and it works with Visual Studio 2008.

It is considered the most secure windows operating system to date, with many new and exciting features.

I've tried the RC, and it actually will even run on my netbook, and on my PC. It's much better than Vista, and is also a free upgrade on my computer thankfully. I'm running a different OS on my PC now but will be looking forward to having Windows 7 on my other partition rather than Vista.

Should there be another excuse, I find it pragmatic to accomplish an understanding between myself and Window 7. Let me purchase and altercate.

The fact that I can run it on older hardware and even the beta was stable is reason enough for me. XP is fine, but Win7 is awesome.

I have checked out the system and this one is the real deal .. happy computing!

Well change is always good and it supports nature too...
Its been long time working with windows XP and Windows 7 just made things very easy to understand as compared to windows vista...
Featured with advance technology with optimistic approach
Easy Maintenance and support..
more info

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I'll be ugrading to actualize my development platform and because Windows 7 will be compatible with Windows XP whixh I consider is a very stable system.

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