Laughing at Ourselves

By Tim Mather
October 20, 2009

Like most industries, the tech industry, usually takes itself very seriously. And, sometimes that's too seriously. Sometimes, we all just need to sat back and have a good laugh - at ourselves. (That certainly includes me.) So, I really like a well produced cynical and satirical look at the tech industry sometimes. And, there are a couple of such looks (i.e., videos) out there on YouTube that you really should watch if you have not seen them.

The first one, "No Twitter for Hitler," is a hilarious look at the availability problems that Twitter has been having. Those availability problems have received significant media attention, and this video pokes fun at Twitter about such. The video is in German with English subtitles. I don't speak German, but I'm told by colleagues who do that the German dialogue is even funnier than the English subtitles - which has to be hysterical.

The second video to watch, which is profanity lanced, is also a hilarious poke at the tech industry, and specifically about cloud computing. If you had any questions about cloud computing, then I'm sure that they will be addressed for you by "The Cloud Computing Consultant" video.

Take a few minutes break this week to have a good laugh at ourselves in the tech industry. If you have any other suggestions for poking fun at the tech industry, then let me know.

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