Microsoft MVP Wei-Meng Lee on Windows 7

Information About the Newly Released Book "Windows 7: Up & Running"

By Mary Rotman
October 6, 2009

wei-meng_lee.jpgWith the recent release of Windows 7: Up & Running, I asked author and Microsoft MVP Wei-Meng Lee a few questions about his new book:

What made you write the book?
When the beta of Windows 7 was released, I wanted to see how much Windows has evolved from Windows Vista. While Windows Vista was Microsoft's greatest bet, it did not take off as expected and users were disappointed, especially with the lack of support for older devices and the sluggish performance. When I tried Windows 7, it became clear to me that this is no Vista--Windows 7 is actually more stable and it runs beautifully even on older hardware. I am now running a copy of it on my older Pentium 4 laptop from Dell. And that really motivated me to write a book on Windows 7. The rest, as they say, is history.

Why is your book especially important now?

With the imminent release of Windows 7 in late Oct 2009, it would really be useful to readers to get a jump-start on Windows 7 prior to its release. And this book really gets you straight to the point--no fluff, just things you need to know.

What is the single most important thing readers of your book will be able to do after reading your book?

This book will give the reader a good overview of the capabilities of Windows 7. It also includes a chapter on some of the neat tips and tricks you can do to Windows 7 to wring more performance out of it. I think the chapter on Windows XP Mode would really be useful to readers who need to support legacy Windows applications.

Who is your intended audience?

Anyone who wants to run Windows 7. Even if you are already familiar with Windows, this book will still offer you some info that you may not already know.

How important is the subject matter of your book? What do you think is on the horizon for your readers?

Windows 7 is the latest OS from Microsoft and it is pushing it really hard, especially after the dismal performance of Vista. To some readers, Windows 7 may be the OS that they are installing right after XP. Hence, this book bridges the gap and makes it easy for them to migrate to the latest OS.

For more information on Windows 7: Up & Running, see the catalog page and press release for the book.

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