Using Windows 7 for Music Production

By David Battino
September 30, 2009 | Comments: 2

Windows 7 + Sonar 8
Cakewalk Sonar 8 benefits from Windows 7's enhanced multithreading support.

Cakewalk has been reprogramming PCs into music studios since the days of DOS. Today, CTO Noel Borthwick explained the deep, technical details of how the architectural changes in Windows 7 will help (and sometimes hinder) audio processing. He's very positive overall. Asked if he'd upgrade his digital audio workstation (DAW) to Windows 7, Borthwick replied:

Yes, absolutely. Windows 7 finally delivers on the stability and performance that users hoped for from Vista. The kernel changes and optimizations for large scale multicore processors make it very attractive to DAW users who are interested in better low latency performance. I will be building a new DAW soon and Windows 7 X64 will be my OS of choice.

Perhaps the title of Borthwick's article, "How Windows 7 Will Effect Your Music Production," is more prescient than it seems. ;-)

For more analysis, check out the always insightful Peter Kirn's "Obsessive Windows 7 Under-the-Hood Guide for Music."

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Someone help.

I am running a q9550 Processor Windows 7 64 I have core parking turned off.
750i EVGA mainboard
2x delta 1010 racks
2x 80gb velocirator hard drives one for system one for record.
I have 8gb ddr2 800 titanium ocz ram 2.1 volts
nvidia 9400 gt 1gb ddr2 video card (EVGA)

No matter what I do I get pops in my audio. System is hefty and should perform great but it don't I would greatly appreciate any helop

I would try a different Audio card, I would type services.msc in the run and turn off everything that I could. I would not use the PC for anything but music, so I could turn off absolutely ever service possible on that machine.

It could be anything, but I'd first remove all the services, but it is more likely the driver for the sound card. Basically you are screwed unless you find a driver, not a sound card that works flawlessly with your system. Get it? The driver is the sound card, how it interfaces with the system and is everything.

Used to be so simple on just a keyboard sequencer that never crashed, ever. Any hey, you could just jump on and make music. Too bad you can't write pro music that way. Or you can... in a painful process of recording with a multitrack recorder and editing on a pro interface.

See if you had a protools system, well still you would be screwed because no one has Windows 7 drivers yet. They just are using the Vista drivers which are sorta the same, but not really. Basically you and I are screwed for an entire year or more until the people that make hardware for music production decide to A. make new products and stop supporting the old ones, but they still have to sell the old product so they aren't going to do that, or B. make drivers for the old product for Windows 7; which they would rather sell the old equipment, then make new equipment to maximize profit. Screwing the end user; isn't life wonderful?

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