Seeking information on free Linux online training

By Andy Oram
September 29, 2009 | Comments: 3

I'm interested in hearing about good open-source training materials for GNU/Linux use and administration. I've recently gotten interested in the field of online training, which we do some of at O'Reilly and which is clearly a growing trend in every field. Specifically, I'd asking for pointers to information that:
  • ranges from basic Bash shell commands to configuration and monitoring of major Internet services, with a focus on GNU/Linux;
  • is specifically designed and formatting for self-paced training, such as modules with questions and exercises;
  • is under a free license, such as Creative Commons Share-Alike;
  • is accurate, well-paced, and otherwise of high quality; and
  • is preferably in English, but otherwise in a popular European language such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.

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Are you looking for general information that can be used in a training environment, or information that is already in a 'training manual' format (with chapters, questions, inter-references, etc). Because (as you know) the info is out there ( comes to mind). I'm not sure how much is there that's pre-formatted from an 'education' perspective tho

Thanks for asking for clarification, Adam. I'm looking for pretty specific stuff that is really aimed at self-paced learning. I added a bullet item in response to your comment. I know that there are huge repositories of good information in general documentation format, but I want to see focused training materials.


It's free but not not Creative Commons. The remaining objectives are satisfied at IBM Developerworks:

Follow either the link for Linux or the link for Open Source.


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