Time-Lapse Movie with iPhone Soundtrack

By David Battino
August 24, 2009 | Comments: 4

Former O'Reilly web producer Justin Watt just made a surprisingly cool video by combining still photos with a soundtrack made in Looptastic, a $5 iPhone app. (There are also free and 99-cent versions.)

Justin used FFmpeg (also free) to sequence the still images, overlay the soundtrack, and render the movie. Click the image below to watch the video and learn how he did it.

Time-slice of San Francisco's Lombard Street. (Click to view.)

His earlier post on embedding videos with JW FLV Media Player is also clever — though, as I discovered, the technique doesn't work on the iPhone browser.

For those with QuickTime Pro, here's the technique I use to make time-lapse movies with soundtracks.

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Nice, thanks! Yeah, but really the iPhone problem is really due to their not supporting Flash/Flash Video. I can only imagine that Adobe is lobbying/working furiously to get Flash support in some upcoming rev of the OS or hardware. We shall see.

@Justin: Yes, I should have clarified that the iPhone's lack of Flash support is the reason the video doesn't play there. I wonder how YouTube is packaging its Flash videos so they play on the iPhone. Perhaps YouTube makes an MP4 copy available in parallel.

Interestingly, the QuickTime movie I linked above doesn't play on the iPhone either. I thought that was because I linked to the embedding script on Apple's site rather than putting it in the same domain, but I can't open the movie directly either. Grrr.

Let's hope this gets sorted out before HTML 6 — and that Adobe optimizes Flash so it runs smoothly on mobile devices (not to mention normal computers).

Apples position has always been "no flash." if you are going to recommend tech for >50k people I hope your understanding clarifies rapidly. I am pretty sure one month in everyone is aware of the lack of flash is most likely a permenant feature of iPad/iPhone.

Yes, it would appear that Flash is even further off than it seemed back when I wrote the original entry. Of course, the point of the blog was to highlight the time-lapse soundtrack idea, not Flash. And, of course, Steve Jobs often disparages concepts that emerge later in Apple products. Just one example: when he introduced the articulated iMac by denigrating the idea of putting a computer inside a display. Now both the iMac and iPad use that design.

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