The Goldfarb Number

By Rick Jelliffe
August 9, 2009

I was wondering what the equivalent to the Erdős number number would be for the world of markup languages. It is a number like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

I'd like to propose the Goldfarb number as a tribute to Charles Goldfarb. It is an indication of generation more than necessary merit or prominence: I was surprised to find that it is indeed one factor in how I see slot people on markup: I am not at all convinced this is a sound metric of course!

The metric is whether you have served on a standard committee at the same time as the figure, or been involved in some book or paper with them, starting with Charles Goldfarb.

Anyway, here are some estimated numbers for some hub figures (if I got one wrong, let me know and I'll fix it):

  • 0
    • Charles Goldfarb
  • 1
    • Anders Berglund
    • Jon Bosak
    • James Clark
    • Bob DuCharme
    • Patrick Durusau
    • Paul Grosso
    • Jon Paoli
  • 2
    • Tim Bray
    • Dan Connolly
    • Murata Makoto
    • Eve Maler
    • Larry Masinter
    • Keld Simonsen
    • Henry Thompson
  • 3
    • Tim Berners-Lee
    • Ramanathan Guha
    • Dean Jackson

And so on.

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