Experience Enterprise 2.0 at the Future of CRM SAP Mentor Webinar

By Mark Finnern
August 14, 2009 | Comments: 5

For many the term Enterprise 2.0 is fussy. Here a description from Wikipedia:

Carl Frappaolo and Dan Keldsen defined Enterprise 2.0 in a report written for Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)as "a system of web-based technologies that provide rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, emergence and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise".[1]

For me the web based technologies like forums, blogs, wikis, ... are only the enablers to the essence of what Enterprise 2.0 is all about: A deeper collaboration between companies and their customers and partners on every step of the product life cycle.

Next Tuesday at the SAP Mentor Future of CRM webinar you can experience that Enterprise 2.0 in action. A big claim, which I hope to substantiate in the next paragraphs:  

SAP Mentors are the top experts and community leaders that we are giving special access and status via the SAP Mentor initiative.

One of them Vijay Vijayasankar a consultant working for that small partner of SAP called IBM ;-) posted the following blog: So, what is next in CRM?

That blog got quite some discussion started which got me thinking, that in the group of 80 SAP Mentors there are two more strong CRM experts: Gregor Wolf working for Siteco in Germany and doing some consulting work on the side; and Stephen Johannes one of our newest SAP Mentors a CRM Analyst for Bunge North America.

I pinged them suggesting that we should have a public SAP Mentor webinar discussing the Future of CRM from the perspective of the SAP customer and partner. They all agreed and came up with the following agenda:

Unlike the traditional presentation format we are going to organize this into three "pods" of 20 minutes on topic led by a SAP Mentor.  Each topic will be led by a SAP mentor who will intro the topic for 5 minutes, followed by a 15 minute "donnybrook" on the discussion.  Donnybrook refers to a local public issues show on St. Louis, MO public television that consisted of a moderator and four journalists.  The moderator would introduce a topic and ask a panelist one question to start the discussion, followed by the remaining panelist who would chime in.

The only thing missing was the SAP perspective to these predictions. We reached out to SAP Solution Management and they were happy to engage: Volker Hildebrand Vice President of CRM Product Management at SAP; Tzanko Stefanov is a product expert in the Business Suite UI Framework product management team and Vinay Iyer Vice President of Enterprise Marketing for SAP CRM.

Now if you take a step back and think about what is happening here? The CRM thought leaders from the SAP community are having an event to discuss the future of CRM and invite SAP to be part of that conversation.

The first synergies are already happening, as Gregor Wolf and Tzanko Stefanov are discussing improvement ideas for the SAP CRM UI via a wiki page.

This event where participants will join from all over the world is only possible because of the maturing of web technologies like web conferencing.

It may not work out as planned, but I am convinced that this is the closest you can get to a truly Enterprise 2.0 experience: A strong collaboration between customers, partners and SAP.

Join us this Tuesday the 18th of August at 9am PST for the SAP Mentor Future of CRM webinar. I guarantee you that it will be very interesting.

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Mark - thanks for the mention, I'm now officially "Wikipedia famous" ;)

I like your overall statement, and will see if I can slate the time for the webinar.

But while you're talking of limitations of definitions, and I agree Enterprise 2.0 is about far more than blogs, wikis and the like, I find your definition a tad limiting as well.

"...the essence of what Enterprise 2.0 is all about: A deeper collaboration between companies and their customers and partners on every step of the product life cycle...."

What about non-product life cycles? Are services lifecycles? What about internal office work or "knowledge work?"

I realize the focus of the webinar leans towards CRM, there's a certain narrowing of the definition for this purpose, but that again proves the point - CRM isn't typically about improving PRODUCT lifecycles, it's about opening and closing loops of communication, between inside and outside constituents of organizations.

A supporting presentation I made that ties to the research you'd referenced from the Wikipedia definition, can be found at:

Starting on slide 36 is where I introduce many different kinds of loops and emergent properties, including the "knowledge chain" which we'd introduced back when I was at Delphi Group about 12 years ago.

In the end, we're talking about the same thing, but my gut feeling, and perhaps this is just a Friday afternoon rant on my part - apologies if that is so - but if we're going for clarity, I think the tweak of the definition of Enterprise 2.0 hasn't particularly advanced the cause.

That said, the more that people aim to understand Enterprise 2.0 AT ALL, the more progress we're making. Many use cases, many different definitions, but stepping towards transparency, participation, inclusion and collaboration, and we're getting to some pretty powerful capabilities - all enhanced by technology, but based on people-oriented business needs.


Hi Mark Thank you for the information, I agree with you for Enterprise 2.0

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your detailed reply. I wasn't so much making a new definition of Enterprise 2.0, but a statement what the essence is for me.

Yes that goes beyond product life cycle. My stress is, that all to often the customer/partner is not fully integrated into the whole process, but only asked for validation, when much earlier in the process the impact would have been much a bigger and better one for everyone involved.

You write: "... CRM isn't typically about improving PRODUCT lifecycles..." As SAP is a CRM vendor, it in this case it actually is about our product lifecycle. On the other hand, this event is a bit broader, that the SAP Mentors, that are the CRM experts out in the field will have 5 minutes to paint a picture of where the future will be of CRM.

After each of the 3 segments there is about 15 minutes of discussion that includes SAP Solution Management and the ability to ask questions.

My hope is that everyone involved will come back from the SAP Mentor webinar with a deeper understanding of the future of CRM. Participants should also had the chance to voice their opinion and links should be shared for more information and the continuation of the discussion.

I am curious whether we can live up to that expectation and always welcome improvement ideas.

Thanks, Mark.

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nice broadcast. I love oreilly books.

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