Balisage Ho!

By Uche Ogbuji
August 1, 2009 | Comments: 1

I'll be heading to Montréal for Balisage: The Markup Conference in a little over a week. As usual it will feature some of the most traveled folks in XML and related technologies. This conference is what was called Extreme Markup Languages last time I attended (see my notes [1], [2], [3], and [4]).

I'll also be presenting Akara - Spicy Bean Fritters and an XML data services platform, an introduction to Akara. I'll also have something for the Beer and Demo at Balisage 2009.

I've been out of the XML conference circuit for a little while, having focused at work more on enterprise architecture and semantic technology, but I've always built my work on these sexier topics on the basic pragmatism that it all boils down to human expression, and that XML has become a widespread mechanism for such expression. XML technology itself is pretty much just plumbing now, but like all plumbing, it's immensely important. The master plumbers also happen to be some of the sharpest thinkers about the role of technology in communities, so I look forward to all the discussions.

Of course there is also some plumbing to discuss, including Micah Dubinko's Pragmatic namespaces proposal. Java namespaces hurt my eyes pretty badly so perhaps we can work our way to something better. Fat chance. These are XML namespaces we're talking about.

It's also Montréal we're talking about, so I'll be looking forward to some graffiti tourism. Extreme markup takes many interesting shapes.

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Kurt touches on why I so look forward to Balisage:

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