Anyone know of a language like this?

By Rick Jelliffe
August 9, 2009 | Comments: 2

I am wondering if readers could help me?

I am looking for a general purpose computing language that has primitive constructs for disk block, cache line, and SIMD memory units (vectors). Like alignment directives made into first-class control structures. But helping programmers wanting to create programs optimized for CPU and system constants; in particular programmers who wanted something a little higher-level than SIMD intrinsics.

So you could do, for example,

File F;
vector ResultVector of int;

for each block B in file F {
for each line L in B {
for each vector V in L {
Result ++= V; // parallel add

int Result = sum(ResultVector);

where the block, line and vector sizes are run- or compile-time dependent.

I am aware of work to optimize software by using the individual processing constants, but I don't know of a language which builds them all in systematically. Hints and references welcome!

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