A peek at VMware Cookbook (recipes on throttling traffic and monitoring usage)

By Andy Oram
August 27, 2009

O'Reilly's first book on virtualization uses our popular Cookbook format to give you ideas about administrative tasks you might not have thought you could do, or could be doing more efficiently. In preparation for the main annual VMware conference, VMworld (August 31--September 3 in San Francisco), we've put a couple recipes online:

Ethernet Traffic Shaping
We chose this recipe as an example of how VMWare incorporates the kinds of sophisticated network control that administrators use on real servers, switches, and routers. The technique is also useful in its own right.
Monitoring CPU Usage
This recipe shows one snippet of the wealth of information you can get from utilities provided by VMWare. Administrators can incorporate such tools into everyday monitoring as well as resort to them when things slow down unexpectedly.

VMware Cookbook is currently available as a Rough Cut, a PDF whose text hasn't been through the complete editing process. The final version will be released online and in print in October.

VMware generously added the cookbook to their VMware Developer learning page.

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