Why attend InsideMobile?

By Steve Weiss
July 18, 2009

O'Reilly is presenting, in conjunction with 360 Conferences, the InsideMobile training and networking event in San Jose, Sunday and Monday, July 26 and 27th.

We designed the program to cover the other parts of the story in this summer of the smartphone: What's new and important outside the iPhone developer market.

And the biggest part of the story, given Palm's release of the Mojo SDK this past week, is that anyone wanting to develop apps for the Palm Pre (and other upcoming WebOS devices) can get a full day of hands-on training plus a second day of hour-long sessions and panels drilling into how to use the Mojo SDK.

Tom Ortega, one of the two "360 Guys" (along with John Wilker -- they're both widely known and loved in RIA/tech circles -- shared with us why he's so pumped about the show:

Have we got a show lined up for you! Here's a brief little rundown on what you're going to get with your registration.

This is the laid back day, i.e. the day of rest. Now, for most geeks, rest means no work, but rarely does it mean no geeking out. Therefore, we have the following lined up.

Two hands-on sessions to teach you Palm's WebOS and the Mojo SDK - Take that first-mover advantage on this amazing new platform. .


Learn mobile design (hands-on) with one of the best. Face it, design is hard. Mobile design is even harder. You need this workshop.


Program for multiple phones at once with PhoneGap - If your app doesn't need platform-specific features, then why not make it for more than one?


Demo night - Come check out what everyone is up to. We'll have room for 20 or so five-minute demos. Show us cool stuff, or come see cool stuff.


Party by Medialets - Yeah, what's a conference without a party with food and drinks? Not a very good one. Come mingle and get your party on.

This is the fresh start day, i.e. first day of the week. If you're like me, Mondays are the best day to start on something new.

Keynote - We have some very special guests coming to say hi. Some from near, some from far. Get in early to see what they have to say.


16 speaker sessions - You have four rooms of concurrent content to choose from. The schedule has all the details, but choice is good. Find what works for you.


Evernote's CEO, Phil Libin - Yeah, he deserves a slot all his own. When you create an app that's as revolutionary and life changing as Evernote, a lot of people want to know how you did it and what you're up to as a follow up.


Two-Part Panel - We'll have a bunch of our speakers sitting on stage discussing two topics: The Future of Mobile, and How to Monetize Mobile. A great way to end the conference, I'd say.

Well, that's the show in a nutshell. It's a killer lineup at any price and a lot better than many other so called "Mobile Shows" out there. What's the price for all this great content? Well, if you use the "InMoBlog" discount code, you can get in for $150. Yeah, you heard me. $150. Life don't get better than that. Sign up here and we'll see you there.

Tom and John have put together a great program that will be huge help to mobile app developers and entrepreneurs; we hope to see you there!

--Steve Weiss

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