What's Your Favorite Twitter App?

Tell us for a chance to win an autographed copy of "The Twitter Book"

By Mary Rotman
July 17, 2009 | Comments: 3

With all of the different ways to track your twittering friends, search for interesting tidbits of news, and keep an eye on those "trending topics," it seems like there are new twitter applications popping up every day!

We're curious to see what people are using these days. I prefer Seesmic Desktop since it allows me to be logged into more than one twitter account at a time (i.e. my personal twitter and my work twitter), but I know there are many other desktop apps for twitter out there. What is your favorite, and why?

Tell us, and you just might win an autographed copy of The Twitter Book by Tim O'Reilly (@TimOReilly) and Sarah Milstein (@SarahM). We'll run the contest from 10am - 1pm PST, and then randomly pick a winner between all of the responses we get on Twitter, Facebook, and this blogpost. Best of luck to you!


The contest is over for today, but we had so many great responses that we thought we'd share a few of them for the furtherance of your Twitter success.

From Twitter:
ahanin: @TwitrBook Tweetdeck. With the iphone version synced up there's nothing better on the road or in the office.

DrManofMusic @TwitrBook favorite #app is @TweetDeck b/c of the group features. makes #twitter a whole lot more digestible!

mrael @TwitrBook My favorite #Twitter #app is Tweetie for Mac because it uses Core Animation. #Contest

rstackhouse @TwitrBook my favorite app is Seesmic Desktop. It supports bit.ly API so I don't have to visit bit.ly page if I want to track my short urls.

csunwebmaster . @AccessibleTwitr @twitrbook My favorite Twitter app & why? Accessible Twitter: great interface, keyboard access, just a great idea!

SubtleBlade @TwitrBook Fave Twitter app: Gravity; makes mobile tweeting a pleasure & outstandingly accessible dev & support #Gravity

0m4r @TwitrBook #Contest: have you already tried out #PeopleBrowsr (http://is.gd/1Csf9)... that's my favourite #Twitter #App :)

metric_chicken @TwitrBook I love Spaz!! Its an awsome. I love it because it has no adds, its Open Source and its Cross Platform!!

From our Twitter Book Facebook Page:
Jim Evans -- I use tweetdeck. I like how it can post to multiple accounts, use groups and monitor Facebook.

Shawn Borton -- TweetDeck. I can use it to run searches on hashtags in the news, turning it (and Twitter) into one big news aggregator.

Adam Cox -- For desktop: Tweetdeck - multiple accounts, Facebook integration, and the TweetDeck Recommends feature. For Blackberry: I've only had it for a day so I'm playing with TinyTwitter and Twitterberry. They both seem to have some strengths and weaknesses. I might use them both in combination for a while.

From our O'Reilly Media Facebook Page:
Richard Peck -- Best Twitter app? Tim's & Sarah's Twitter book, of course! But I already have one.

Josef Průša -- Tweetie for both MAC and iPhone, because its so sleek and sexy :-)

Cédric 'Nyro' Nirousset -- TwitterFox to be in alert every second with the people i'm following while browsing around the web.

Mikhail Madnani -- TWITTERIFIC...been using it for pretty long now..i love it..i love twitter...and HEAD FIRST series >> all so thanks oreilly and also kathy sierra and bert bates...

Carmela Gonzales -- I use twitpic a lot, so I'd probably say that.

Shawn Dabreu -- Tweetdeck. Simplicity is a good thing.

PJ Fusco -- tweetlater cuz sometimes i like to tweet, only later

Dave Greenbaum -- I dig GroceryIQ. Makes it easy to go grocery shopping and tell the spouse that I need Grey Poupon dijon mustard for the salad and not French's mustard (but honey you said mustard and this was the cheapest)

John Buxbaum -- my favorite twitter app is WootOn! :) lets me get my woot fix as soon as I wake up or when I wake up in the night. Just incase ...there is some woot crap in the offing...

Heather Young -- Tweetdeck, definitely.

Richard Peck -- Yep, gotta mention Tweetdeck, but also TwitterFon on the iPhone.

Jayne Dissette -- I love Tweetdeck on my laptop, but best on the road is now UberTwitter I like to share location and it shows me other Tweeple who are nearby.

Harpreet Singh -- Tweetdeck is my fav app - It's great because its highly usable and effective.

Tony Whitmore -- Gwibber. Because it integrates with my desktop and allows me to access other microblogging systems too.

Miia Äkkinen -- I have only used Web but decided to try Tweetdeck as a first twitter application because I have heard so much good about it.

Amy Kelly -- Are we counting Facebook aps in here? Because I really love Selective Twitter, which lets me use Twitter to update Facebook, but only posts that I put *#fb" on the end of. So I don't end up spamming Facebook with 2342465 Twitter thoughts.

MC Brown -- I'll built my own which is much more useful than any other app I've been able to find. I'm hoping to be releasing a version soon...

Rafik Dammak -- desktop seesmic because it really multilingual as I write in english, french and arabic , many clients have problems to display arabic.

Trevor George -- TweetDeck (until the next shiny iphone client comes along)

Ron Harwood -- TwitterFox - I'm always in firefox, so I always have a twitter feed/alert/etc. going on. It's a cool extension to a very cool tool/environment that I'm already using.

Jen Floyd -- I like HootSuite (not really an app... it's a website) for scheduling tweets ahead of time. Like Tweetdeck's UI so I can organize the Twitter madness and save searches. :-)

Ari Winokur -- Tweetdeck all around! Keeps all the twittering organized and keeps the same organization everywhere I use it!!

Eugene Andruszczenko -- my favorite twitter app is twitter

Christian Burns -- My favorite app is Tweetie for the iPhone, multiple accounts, saved searches and the "nearby" screen for seeing what the locals think.

Tyler Peterson -- My favorite Twitter app on the desktop is Tweetdeck, but on the go it's PockeTwit.

Will Dady -- hellotxt.com. Aggregates a single status update to Twitter along with several other sites including Facebook and LinkedIn to name a few.

Jeffrey Jay Johnson -- Favorite app: More Cowbell! Just about any song is enhanced with the enthusiastic abuse of a cowbell.

Fevos Rock -- TwitterAnalyzer an amazing app ...

Rick Chlopan -- tweetie on the iphone -- great interface, fast, efficient way to monitor and keep up with my friends on twitter.

Pedram Kazemi -- twidroid is da best!... http://twidroid.com

Adam Drake -- TweetDeck for Mac OS. Twitteriffic for iPhone.

Dallas Marks -- Digsby is my favorite Twitter app because it also incorporates LinkedIn, Facebook and several IM clients.

Thanks to everyone who participated today! Stay tuned for more contests next week.

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