Quantum Leaps and Wave Logic

By Mark Sigal
July 15, 2009


I have been ruminating a bit about the onset of the Mobile Broadband Age and the rise of Cloud Computing models, and will blog about the topic shortly.

This quote by Carver Mead struck me as pretty relevant to thinking about the fulcrum that is forming before us:

"The quantum world is a world of waves, not particles. So we have to think of electron waves and proton waves and so on.

Matter is 'incoherent' when all its waves have a different wavelength, implying a different momentum.

On the other hand, if you take a pure quantum system - the electrons in a superconducting magnet, or the atoms in a laser - they are all in phase with one another, and they demonstrate the wave nature of matter on a large scale.

Then you can see quite visibly what matter is down at its heart."

- Carver Mead

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