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By Marsee Henon
July 13, 2009 | Comments: 4


Bill Kendrick of LUGOD (Linux Users' Group of Davis), Jack DeSlippe of BerkeleyLUG, Grant Bowman of the Ubuntu California Local Community, and Rick Moen of CABAL (Consortium of All Bay Area Linux, Menlo Park) are getting ready for OSCON and have put together a flyer of the Bay Area LUGs. Regions include the North and South Bay, Sacramento, San Francisco, Peninsula, Santa Cruz, and more.

Now is your chance to support your local Linux group by going to a meeting. If you're involved in a user group, make sure they're registered with O'Reilly's UG program at See you at OSCON.

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One that's not on here, and I can contact the folks at the group to contact you, is the Cabrillo College GNU/Linux Users Group in Aptos, California (Santa Cruz County), which meets on the third Friday of the month during the school year (Sept. through June, usually).

(Shameless self-promotion: I helped start the group while a student there and it has served as a great venue for meetings over the last couple of years)

Larry Cafiero

Thanks Larry for registering for the UG program. I've passed the change along to Bill Kendrick too. Also, just in case you can make it, there is a Community Leadership Summit next weekend in San Jose that we're encouraging all user group leaders to attend. The event is free, but you do need to pre-register. Find out the details at

Larry, I'd taken care to mention Cabrillo GLUG, which the three of us discussed during revision of the flyer -- along with SJSU LUG, CSUEB LUG, SULUG, BUUG, PC Clubhouse Linux SIG, Smaug, CABAL, SlugLUG, OLPC-SF, CCSF LUG, and (the late) CalLUG. As I'm sure you're aware, one of the challenges about student LUGs is determining during the summer break whether they're actually still alive, or whether all you're seeing is the Internet footprint of a dead group. Sometimes, it doesn't become clear until well into the fall semester.

I think what I said about the Cabrillo group was merely that you were in the middle of investigating its status, after I'd brought to your attention the school's disabling of much of its Internet presence, such as its Web forum.

Rick Moen

Actually, even I can't remember all this stuff: I also made sure Jack and Bill knew that "Starship Augusta Ada" ( is technically a LUG -- and is said to be meeting monthly in San Francisco even though its Web site has been offline for a couple of months.

So far, Jack has omitted these groups from the flyer:

Cabrillo GLUG: student group, Internet presence has problems

PC Clubhouse Linux SIG: not sure why it's omitted, except perhaps that I remembered it pretty late.

SJSU LUG: student group, lost its college certification, Web site, and meeting space, still exists as a Google Group

CCSF LUG: student group, lost its college certification and meeting space, Web page exists but is obsolete, majordomo mailing list still exists but has no traffic.

CSUEB LUG: student group, uncertain whether it's collapsed.

OLPC-SF: not sure why it's omitted, except Bill mentioned it pretty late.

SlugLUG: student group, lacks the required student leader, mailing list still exists and has some traffic.

CalLUG: student group, Web server is still up but has been wiped, all other traces gone.

Starship Augusta Ada: Probably omitted because of the missing Internet presence.

(I'm guessing about reasons.)

Rick Moen

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