Apple has secretly released a Tablet Computer: It's called iPod touch

By Mark Sigal
July 14, 2009 | Comments: 4


"Well today, we're introducing THREE revolutionary new products. The first one is a widescreen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary new mobile phone. And the third is a breakthrough Internet communications device."

"An iPod, a phone, an Internet mobile communicator. An iPod, a phone, an Internet mobile communicator.... these are NOT three separate devices! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is...we are calling it iPhone!"

So echoed Apple CEO Steve Jobs in his Macworld 2007 keynote that publicly kicked off what (arguably) became the most successful consumer product launch of all time.

Now it seems that Apple is poised to launch its Tablet Computing entry later this year for a (rumored) price ranging between $500-800; wedging it from a pricing relativity perspective at about a grand less than a MacBook Air with solid state memory.

What computing model it pays homage to (i.e., the Mac or the iPhone, or more likely a hybrid of the two), and what it means for Apple's hardware-software strategy moving forward, is a topic that I recently blogged about in the O'Reilly Radar piece, 'Apple, the Boomer Tablet and the Matrix.'

But, perhaps the real story with respect to the forthcoming Apple Tablet Device is that Apple has already released a tablet computing device.

It's called the iPod touch, and because it's often overshadowed by its noisier sibling, the iPhone, we sometimes forget that it has already sold 15M+ units.

After all, the iPod touch (with Safari, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Maps, iTunes, iLife, MobileMe and the 65K application strong App Store baked into it) is already more powerful than most of the netbook offerings, which, by contrast, are typically touted as doing one thing well - web browsing - and a bunch of other things in a "good enough" fashion (e.g., email, chat, audio/pics/video).

All of which begs the question; when Apple releases its NEXT tablet computing device, will they reinvent the iPod touch in the same way that the iPhone reinvented the phone?

My guess is, yes they will.

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This is why I hate Apple. They come up with far more clever stuff than my writer's budget can afford. I have to not only pick and choose, I have to pick knowing that something better is likely to be moving through their deeply buried pipelines. Guess wrong, and I'm stuck with an unhappy compromise, when what I really wanted comes out two months later.

I need something that'll let me juggle the schedules for two part-time jobs and take down book ideas when they come on the go. I can't afford AT&T's pricey iPhone service package. Do I get a 1-gen iPhone and mess with keeping it up-to-date on a frugal, voice-only T-Mobile account? Or do I continue to use my anemia but reliable candy-bar Nokia and also tote around an iPod touch? And which iPod touch do I get: the feature-poor first gen, the much better second gen, or the one that may be coming out in September, feature-set unknown?

I did create a scrap of paper roughly the size of this mysterious new gadget with its 10-inch screen. It's at least the size of a small trade paperback, so it won't fit in a shirt pocket and may not fit in many coat pockets. That may suit many people perfectly, but it's not for me. One less thing to fret about.

Why can't Apple be like Dell or Microsoft and turn out dull, me-too products? Why do they have to be so "creative" and "innovative?"

I hate you Apple.....

Maybe you can star in one of Microsoft's "find it an you can keep it" ads!

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