Twitter Boot Camp Slides

By Mac Slocum
June 23, 2009

Presenters at O'Reilly's Twitter Boot Camp, held June 15 in New York, offered a variety of best practices and case studies revolving around Twitter's business, marketing, branding and advertising opportunities. Slides from the day's presentations are available below (click the presentation titles to view).


Twitter Demystified

What is Twitter and why do you and your brand need to have a presence there? In this session, hear from brands and community representatives on the importance of using Twitter to listen before you start talking, and why your organization's presence on (or absence from) Twitter can make a huge impact on your reputation, customer service, and ultimately, your bottom line!

Logistics of Integrating Twitter into Existing PR and Marketing

Sure Twitter sounds like a great idea -- but who on your team should be responsible for it? Is it okay to hire "ghost twitterers?" And, just how are you going to fit Twitter into everything else you are already doing? In this session, some of Twitter's best and brightest offer suggestions (as well as lessons learned) on how to create a manageable Twitter strategy that will enhance, not derail your overall marketing and PR campaigns.

Twitter and Rules of Engagement

Does your company need a Twitter "Corporate Policy?" In a world where immediacy meets transparency, does Twitter potentially open you and your company up to legal risks? In this session, panelists look at the issues surrounding the ethics and legalities Twitter can raise, and discuss Twitter best practices and crisis PR management via Twitter.

In Search of Twitter ROI

We explore the pros and cons of Twitter analytics, discuss Twitter buy-in, and look at ways to measure the actual costs and impact of your Twittering.


Sarah Milstein, co-author of "The Twitter Book," closes the day with a round-up of the key messages from Twitter Boot Camp presenters.

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