Lightroom 2.4 Update Available

By Gene McCullagh
June 24, 2009

An update to Lightroom version 2.4 is now available! To update your copy of Lightroom simply start the application and you should receive an dialog asking whether you want to update. To download the update directly from Adobe Mac user can click here, Windows users can click here.

The update to 2.4 adds support for cameras from Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, and more.

The following bugs have been fixed in 2.4:

  • Web galleries with a Collection Title of six characters would not export or upload
  • The crop aspect ratio could revert to the last selected ratio even when reset to original
  • The crop aspect ratio in Quick Develop could be lost after a crop adjustment
  • The crop aspect ratio lock could be lost after an orientation switch
  • Images could preview incorrectly when imported using the MTP/PTP USB protocol
  • Sony .ARW files may not have been recognized by Lightroom's import dialog
  • The Japanese language configuration of Lightroom on Mac OS X 10.5 could fail to switch to the print module if the HP B9180 was set as the default printer
  • Metadata options that are intended for use were dimmed incorrectly when exporting DNG files
  • The Japanese language configuration of Lightroom on Mac OS X was missing a shortcut for "Zoom Out"
  • Several translation and shortcut corrections were made for the eight additional languages introduced with Lightroom 2.3

While not a stunning update a number of outstanding issues where fixed and new cameras added so grab the update as soon as you can!

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