Save 40%--Give your Geek Dad What He Really Wants!

Join our Father's Day Celebration

By Sara Peyton
June 17, 2009 | Comments: 3

Sure some Dads want lawnmowers for Father's Day. Others desire golf clubs. But Geek Dads crave geeky stuff. And that's why we're celebrating Father's Day with a 40% discount.

Now you can give the Geek Dad in your life what he really wants--like The Geek Atlas or the Regular Expressions Cookbook--and save 40%*.

Save 40% on O'Reilly books, courses, workshops plus the OSCON and Velocity conferences. Simply use discount code DAD40 and choose overnight shipping.

And, don't forget MAKE Magazine's online store, Maker SHED. Get 20%* off all DIY kits, books, magazines and other fun stuff for the man that made you when you use code DAD40.

We're also sharing stories and posting photos of geeky Dads and Grandpas with their favorite tech books here. Please send us your fav pics to (by Friday, June 19). We'll be twittering about our Father's Day celebration, too. Please use #geekdad when you twitter.

*Our Father's Day offer expires 6/22/09. Not valid with any other offers, excludes shipping costs.

Marsee'sDad.jpgHere's User Group Manager Marsee Henon's dad, Ron Henon. "He's sitting in his house trailer with his computer and favorite book. He has spent the last 25 father's days at the San Diego County fair taking care of his carnival rides."

charlesgreer_o.jpgHere's O'Reilly's Software Development manager Charles Greer with his kids. "Too bad the accordion is cropped out on the right :)," he says.

DeanRoman1.jpgDean Roman, O'Reilly's Senior Systems Administator, has several favorite titles. "It's so hard to just pick one, but I like Learning Java or DNS and BIND," he notes.

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Oops, it's for US only, too bad for Asian fathers

We've updated our site. The Father's Day discount isn't restricted geographically. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks Sara!

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