In NYC Tonight: An Eclectic Evening of Electric Energy Awaits

By M. David Peterson
April 8, 2009

This last Saturday I had an amazing experience: At around 2pm MDT I got a phone call from Ian Edgar of EclecticMethod. I'd never met Ian before. In fact, before that moment I had never spoken with Ian. We'd never exchanged emails nor in any other form that I'm aware of communicated with one another. The fact of the matter is that up until that moment the only thing I knew about Ian Edgar (and he knew even less about me!) were the bits and pieces I was able to gather together off the net in lead up to a Saturday afternoon interview coordinated 24 hours prior through Debra Anderson and her assistant Megan of CultureShockMarketing, an NYC-based PR firm tasked with bringing the message of the EclecticMethod to the masses.

Not such a bad gig, if you ask me, but I digress.

Now you might find yourself asking: "Dude, seriously, where are you going with this cuz' you're really starting to annoy me!" which, to be honest, is both a fair question and fair statement. The answer? Well, if I was in NYC at the moment, in less than either hours time I'd be going here to witness these guys LIVE. But I'm not. So I can't, which is why I am coming to you, dear reader, to go forth and witness EclecticMethod live for me to then come back and tell me how thankful you are that I have so much obvious love for you in this heart of mine as to give you such a wonderful gift of knowledge.

To put this another way, if your GeoIP maps to NYC and you don't go to see EclecticMethod tonight at the NYCWTF Dance Party you have no one else to blame but yourself.

You don't want to be doing that and be left feeling sad. =( Go to the show and be left feeling glad ecstatic eclectic! :-)

To provide proper context as to just who it is that we're dealing with, here's the lead-in skinny on EclecticMethod:

What is it about Eclectic Method that inspired U2, Fatboy Slim and Public Enemy to employ their talents? That inspired Cannes and Sundance to have them headline their closing night parties? That impressed Motown and XL Records to hire them for official remixes; Sony PlayStation to have them develop video games levels, and MTV Europe to have them kick-start the MTV Mash series? Simply put, it's because Eclectic Method is reshaping the platforms to bring us tomorrow's entertainment today.

And here's the info regarding tonight's NYCWTF Dance Party

Dance Party WTF is four hours of live audio / video mixing and drunken dancing.

Wednesday, April 8th 10PM-2AM @ Le Poisson Rouge. Drop $10 and Eclectic Method, The American Dream Team, Faux Mex, and Norman Reedus will start an open relationship with your eyes and ears.

You can RSVP on Facebook and pre-purchase your tickets to ensure you got yourself a little place to boogie on the dance floor.

Moving forward: As per my lead in:

"This last Saturday I had an amazing experience:"

... which is an absolutely true statement. And I can't wait to tell you more. But I want to get the above info regarding tonight's show published /first/ to allow those of you in NYC ample time to buy me a thank you card and/or gift /before/ the corner Hallmark sells out from all the last seconds simpletons who think they can just put it off until morning.

Well, to be honest, you probably could put it off until morning. But then you're stuck wondering: "Is this an original card and/or gift or did someone else already buy this exact card and/or gift and get it sent out in yesterdays overnight mail?" You see, I don't want you to have to go through that kind of self-induced mind games torture. Because I love you.

You're welcome.

Now go get that card and/or gift! Unless you haven't purchased your ticket for the show yet. Then you should probably do that first. But then it's off to Hallmark and the Post Office for you, my friend. Swoosh! ;-)

I'll be back later tonight or first thing tomorrow with the next installment of this piece, something in which you'll find plenty of answers to the question: "What does this have to do with technology and/or writing code and/or etc.?"

It does. I promise.

In the mean time, please enjoy the following preview of what you lucky suckers in NYC get to experience LIVE in less than eight hours time.

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