Android Cupcake 1.5 available for dev phones

By Brian Jepson
April 27, 2009 | Comments: 2

Via the Android Blogging Network, I learned that HTC released new firmware for the Android Dev Phone 1 with the long-awaited "Cupcake" (1.5) version of the Android operating system.

The installation isn't too tricky, but you should read it once through before you try it. It's a great improvement; the video above, taken from a real device, shows me trying out some of its features:

  • Searching Google with the soft keyboard
  • Trying out one of the new Widgets
  • Switching orientation by rotating the phone

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Nice, Brian. How did you do the screencast on the device?

Thanks, Peter! I used Mark Murphy's DroidEx, which is a cool hack that uses the DDMS jar to capture video instead of just screenshots. I wrote it up for Make: Online here:

Capturing video from Android phones

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