Teaching Open Source

By Chris Tyler
March 23, 2009

Many people first get involved with open source while they are students, but it's rarely as a result of their formal study. Professors, open source communities, institutions, and companies have been working on introducing open source community involvement into computer courses in different ways and places over the past couple of years, but it has been an uphill battle, and many of these projects have operated in isolation.

After extensive discussion, the TeachingOpenSource.org site was opened earlier this month as a neutral point to foster collaboration between these projects. Our goal is to communicate, share successes and failures, reduce duplication of effort, and encourage partnerships, but not to replace or eliminate any of the existing educational initiatives.

So far our very informal group has developed a busy mailing list, wiki, blog planet, and IRC channel, set up a monthly conference call, started four or five projects, and -- most importantly -- grown to include nearly 100 active participants from a wide range of schools, open source communities, and companies, spanning every continent.

If you're teaching or support the teaching of open source, please join us!

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