Hygenic MCE using Schematron

By Rick Jelliffe
March 12, 2009

In recent blogs I have been looking at aspects of extensions: the Markup Compatibility and Extension (MCE) standard and the kinds of constraints needed in order to allow documents that have extensions but which can play everywhere: Minimal Open Documents Using Standards: MODUS.

Here is a Schematron schema for the kinds of constraints I am suggesting would be appropriate:

<sch:title>MCE elements must allow one standard alternative</sch:title>

<sch:rule context="mce:alternativeContent">
<sch:assert test="mce:choice[not(@mustUnderstand)][*]
or mce:fallback[not(@mustUnderstand)][*]">
Every alternative content section must have at least
one choice (or fallback) which is not marked by any
mustUnderstand attribute, and which is not empty.

<sch:assert test="not( @mustUnderstand)">
An alternative content element must have at least one
choice that does not require any extension namespaces.

<sch:rule context="mce:choice[not(@mustUnderstand)]//*
| mce:fallback[not(@mustUnderstand)]//*">
<sch:assert test="namespace() = 'allowed-ns-1'
or namespace() = 'allowed-ns-2' ... ">
A choice or fallback that has no mustUnderstand attribute
must only contain known elements at any level.


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