Hack in the Box (Dubai) 2009 / Psychotronic(a) / Hacking the Psyche

By Nitesh Dhanjani
March 30, 2009

I will be presenting Psychotronica: Exposure, Control, and Deceit at the Hack in the Box Conference in Dubai (20th - 23rd April 2009). Here is the abstract:

This talk will expose how voluntary and public information from new social media channels can enable you to remotely capture critical information about targeted individuals. Topics of discussion will include:

+ Hacking the Psyche: Remote behavior analysis that can be used to construct personality profiles to predict current and future psychological states of targeted individuals, including discussions on how emotional and subconscious states can be discovered even before the target is consciously aware.

+ Reconnaissance and pillage of private information, including critical data that the victim may not be aware of revealing, and that which may be impossible to protect by definition.

+ Techniques on how individuals may be remotely influenced by messaging tactics, and how criminal groups and governments may use this capability, including a case study of Twitter and the recent terror attacks in Bombay.

The goal of this presentation is to raise consciousness on how the new paradigms of social communication bring with it real risks as well as marketing and economic advantages.

The conference agenda is available. I also look forward to to hearing Billy Rios' Biting the Hand that Feeds You (Reloaded).

It will be my pleasure to meet Dhillon and team once again - they always put on a conference that is so wonderfully hospitable to the speakers and attendees.

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