What Do Software Development and Toyota Have In Common?

By M. David Peterson
February 2, 2009 | Comments: 2

At present time, nothing, which is exactly what Scott Bellware has recently described as a significant and gaping hole in our industry:

We have a gaping human resource hole in our software product development organizations through which incredible value continues to evaporate. We need to stand right where we are and accept the antiquated organizational mess that we have created and that we perpetuate by not looking outside of our industry to the exemplars of the meritorious success that continues to elude us.

Nicely stated, Scott!

To understand what the above has to do with Toyota, take a visit to Scott's "Chief Engineer" piece from this last December. /WELL/ worth your time and effort!

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Reminds me of the "surgical team" approach from The Mythical Man-Month. A Chief Engineer sounds like the sort of well-rounded, knowledgeable individual that the "team" supports in what he or she does.

Problems, which can be recreated on a given car only after few years of continuous testing indicate that complexity of corresponding software system exceeded few millions lines of code.

The only feasible solution is automatic code generation from models and an automatic system validation from models. Examples are shown at http://www.StateSoft.org

Unfortunately technical schools in general do not teach modeling or automatic software systems validation.

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