Pirates are friends, not threats

By Emerson Niide
February 25, 2009 | Comments: 1

The record companies' useless fight against online exchange of MP3 files doesn't seem to have given the example for the rest of the entertainment industry. Film producers and TV shows can't get enough of suiting websites and people that make movies, TV series and their matching subtitle files available for download.

Needless to mention why this is useless. Every time a website goes off, others appear, with even more audience and strength among users.

What the entertainment industry doesn't realize is that there are two very different pirate profiles.

There are those who make and sell bad quality CDs and DVDs, containing songs and movies, trying to get a buck or two illegally.

But there are also those preacher pirates: people who are so crazy about the brand, that they dedicate some of their time transferring TV series to their computer and sharing their Internet band so that others can download their files. These people often can watch the videos in their original language, but still go through the trouble of creating subtitles, so other fans can follow.

And what does the industry do? Goes after their biggest fans as if they were criminals.

The way that media is consumed is changing, that's a fact. But it seems that there are some executives trying to turn the clock backwards, instead of adapting to change.

They could learn with other business men, the street salesmen: these guys sell sunglasses on sunny days and umbrellas if it starts to rain. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry is trying to suit the rain, which is getting in the way of their sunglasses sale.

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I totally agree with you Emmerson

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