Pad your Apple Store order to over $50

By Erica Sadun
February 27, 2009 | Comments: 4

At the online Apple Store free shipping starts at $50. That's why it's so frustrating when you put a $49 cable into your cart and realize you've just missed that mark.

Today, I was buying a cable for my pal Damien Stolarz, whose O'Reilly iPhone Hacks book is getting near completion. (Long story short: I "borrowed" his iPhone cable a while back and finally gave up trying to remember to ship it back.) The cable, as you've already gathered, costs $49.

So I popped over to Apple support and begged them to tell me about any cheap items they had on sale. Of course, according to script, they first suggested that I buy iTunes gift cards. When I mentioned that although Stolarz is held in deep regard, that I didn't feel personally responsible for enriching his musical library. It was only then that I learned the secret.

Turns out that Apple is still selling its Airport Extreme 802.11n enabler. For just two bucks. For a grand total of $51, my cable was shipped and Damien's getting a cool (but for him useless) Airport enabler.

After all, who listens to music anyway?

Thanks Andrew P, awesome Apple Store rep.

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The problem is, if you don't have a MAC it's worthless. I am in the same 49.95 position, with no way out.

Fear not. It's worthless even if you do have a Mac. But $2 is usually less than the shipping.

Looks like if you order the 802.11n enabler these days, they send you to order it through iTunes as a separate transaction. It won't add it to my total in the normal "shopping cart", so my shipping is still not free.

Drat! So I guess this no longer works (?)


Airport/Bluetooth enabler no longer works. They went around this by making it you download it now.

In other words, this does not work. Thanks anyways.

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