Zine: Python Blogging Software by Armin Ronacher

By Noah Gift
January 12, 2009 | Comments: 5

Attention, users of Blogging Software, like Word Press, there is now a serious Python competitor, Zine. The lead developer is Armin Ronacher, a wunderkind Python developer it seems, he is still in college, yet has written an amazing slew of apps along with the Pocoo Dev Team.

I gave 0.1.2, today, and was quite impressed. Zine has the ability to migrate Wordpress blogs, and write plugins in Python, yipee! I would pay attention to Zine and Armin Ronacher, I think they are both going places.


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I tried this over the weekend and thought it was great.

It would be nice to start using the good things from Wordpress instead of just following it though.

It all looks great (despite being a little too closely styled to a now older version of Wordpress) however is it just me or does this page...


...somewhat blow the idea out of the water? There is much we can complain about with Wordpress, but being easy-to-install most anywhere is probably the biggest reason people use it. How easy is it to setup was my immediate thought when I looked at this project.

Now if it was just a case of python easy_install zine then it'd definitely be wearing racing stripes!

Rocky Burt created an egg of Zine maintained here

There are some additional tools that make Zine easy to install.


I also created a YUI Rich Editor plugin for Zine http://svn.ruralmind.org/yui_editor/trunk/

where can we share plugins written in python?

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