Tomorrow's Come: A Tribute To Change

By M. David Peterson
January 20, 2009 | Comments: 2

They say code is poetry. So then is poetry code? Not sure, but that's my justification for posting this to my O'Reilly blog.

My apologies to those in whom feel this is out of place on a technical blog. But today is a big day. For all of us. As such, some random thoughts I wrote during President Obama's inauguration speech.

"Tomorrow's Come"

For if today it never came,
Tomorrows chance would be the same,
For someone else to bring to be,
The life and dream of Dr. King.

That chance, some said, would never come,
The chance we all would be as one.
But yes we could, and yes we can,
And yes we did elect this man.

So let it be, and let him by,
The torch been passed, the tears been cried.
Today we live where others trod,
To bring to pass the will of God.

That will to be as we might choose,
For those we've lost, we will not lose.
For that's our choice, and choice our right,
and that's the source of will, our might.

The light we've sought has given sight,
So let it shine on us tonight.
Today was won by all of us:

We've changed. Thank God! Tomorrow's come.

Edit: Moved around a few words in the last two sentences of the second to the last paragraph and the first sentence of the last paragraph to flow a bit better. See [1,2] for the original text as posted to Twitter just after President Obama concluded his remarks.


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