The Best Webcomics You're Not Reading

By James Turner
January 22, 2009 | Comments: 33

At the Arisia Science Fiction Convention last weekend, I moderated a panel with SF Writer Lawrence Watt-Evans and comics fan Israel Peskowitz. We spent 45 minutes reeling off a list of the webcomics that we love, past and present. In no particular order (ok, in alphabetical order...), here's the list we came up with, along with the status of the comic when known. Remember, even when a comic is no longer active, it may have a huge archive worth perusing.

Caution: Some of these webcomics may be Not Safe For Work

Adventures of Ellie ConnollyMoribund, but just announced plans to relaunch
B Movie Comic Active
Blue Crash Kit Moribund
Bob & George Finished
Buck GodotActive (reprinting old material)
Casey & Andy Finished
Cheshire Crossing Active
Courting DisasterMore or less weekly, I think
Crimson Dark Active
Dresden CodakActive
Evil, Inc.Active
Faulty LogicActive
Fragile Gravity Active
General Protection Fault Active
Girl GeniusActive
Girls with SlingshotsActive
Gorgeous Princess Creamy BeamyMoribund but not dead
Gunnerkrigg CourtActive
Happy Monster Show Dead
Jack Active
Least I Could DoActive
Looking for GroupActive
Married to the SeaActive
Menage a 3Active
Minions At WorkWeekly panel
Miracle of ScienceCompleted
Narbonic Completed, Rerunning old strips
Never Never Moribund
Order of the Stick Active
PartiallyClips Active
Penny Arcade Active
Perry Bible FellowshipNothing new in ages, but the site is maintained
Pibgorn Active
Planet KarenSporadic
PvP Active
Return to SenderMoribund
Shortpacked! Active
Skin Horse Active
Something Positive & StuffActive
Subnormality!Infrequent but alive
The Devil's PantiesActive
The Watering Hole Active
User Friendly Active
What's New with Phil & DixieActive (reprinting old material)

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How could you leave out "Questionable Content"?

Or "Unpopular Culture" for that matter??

"Bob the Angry Flower"

Achewood, Wondermark, and Basic Instructions are great as well.

Thanks much for including my comic, Minions at Work, on your list.

I've been far more effective at getting out a new comic ever week for the past several years than I have at promoting my site. I always thought, "well, it's only a weekly, so I'll wait to promote the site until I've got a backlog of material for people to enjoy.

Well, with 150 or so comics in the can, uh, I guess it's time to get on that or something. Where are my Marketing Minions when I need them?

I hope folks will drop by and check it out.

Questionable Content is a wondrous webcomic!! I recommend it as well =D

xkcd is unread? That's not right at all.

Questionable content is overrated, but I agree with the suggestion of 1/0. Reading through those 1000 strips is quite the journey.

Girls With Slingshots is wicked funny. Questionable Content is awesome. Red String is good stuff, too - if you are a girl.

thanks a lot.

b-movie-comic is done by a German artist, that`s funny.
i like it - and some of the others.

I'm Not Bob, while new, is pretty good as well.

Here's one about your average frustrated programmer - "My 25 Percent"
Active (as long as the IT industry doesn't collapse...)

Don't forget Night Zero

I'm enjoying as a new comic. funny

I'd agree with Joy here. Stupidsticks seems to be updated with up to two comics daily! They are usually short but incredibly funny!!

This site is updated so much, every day I go to it and there are as many as two to three new comics. Like Zack said though usually very short. Great one liners though!

Octopus Pie is great! It's the story of a high strung Chinese American girl who's mother set her up with a room mate in the Bronx after college.

Some other good comics include:
1. Sacred Pie - This one has been going for many many years. Part comedy, part galaxy/time spanning epic. Lot of fun and it updates weekly.

2. Vlad the Vegan Vampire - Geek humor updates 3 times a week.

A former colleague has requested I reactivate these:

I'm not surprised they didn't make your list; that's about the same bounce I get for all of my online creations...

Well, I'm not really into webcomics but definitely enjoy reading Crimson Dark!


Nice Webcomic List...I love the concepts of some of these webcomics
my favourite concept is that of garfield minus garfield. It's such a contrast to when I was growing up reading Jim Davis's moody but lovable cat.
Now I imagine many comics minus some character it's fun. But you cannot minus Hobbes from Calvin. But you can minus Dennis from Mr. Wilson's Life. You can have crazy fun like this. I stubled upon another Nice concept about doodles...well drawn...brilliant concept.
Website needs some work....Its a fairly new webcomic with 60 strips so far....but great slice of life and creative work

Wow! Being mentioned on the O'reilly site gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. And not the kind of warm fuzzy you get when you leave a herring and banana sandwich in the fridge for too long. It's nice to see some of my friends on the list, too.

Just wanted to let you know that Blue Crash Kit is updating again, and I've moved it to my personal blog site. It can now be found at (The old site is 301 redirected to the new one.)

Again, thanks for the mention!


Dragon tails -- the story of half a dozen baby dragons, including one mad scientist. ("You can't order that, you have to be an adult"/"No, I just have to be over 18"/"Oh, heck, I'm thousands of years older than that")

Theithere -- an Otherkin inspired comic.

Antiheroes (inspired by order of the stick)

Tale of the cave -- parody of the game Cave Story

Antiheroes is active (barely), the other three haven't had updates in forever.

Need to get these URL's.

I recently discovered ‘Shiny Happy People’ at but I’ve been a long time fan of Sinfest and Chainsawsuit!

If we're gonna talk about comics, we've got to talk about "Bridget over troubled Waters" It's a true comic, by which I mean it is actually funny, not some anime inspired adventure/superhero/quest/magic/drama/humanoid cat-fox person thing that (has merit in its own right, just ought not to be labeled a "comic" as "comics" by definition supposed to be funny)

Bridget over troubled Waters is a true comic in the line of Calvin and Hobbes or Peanuts. I think it's updated like 5 days a week or something too. Always makes me snicker. Very intelligent humor.

Why am I going on about this so much? Because I'm really tired of opening up the newspaper and reading the garbage in there. Bridget needs to be seen so other comic artists will rise to the fxcking occasion!!!

try fullbc its awesome, my favorite now">>

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