iTunes Get Liberated

By Brian Redfern
January 6, 2009 | Comments: 2

Now I wouldn't hold my breath for copy protection to get removed from videos. But now I can actually buy stuff on iTunes if I want to. I've been using Amazon instead, since they allow me to burn my mp3s to cdroms that will play back on my car stereo. I do have a plug for an ipod, but running an ipod in the car is dangerous when you're driving. It's far safer to use the cdroms because they work with the UI on my dashboard so I don't have to fumble with an ipod.

It's a great day for musicians as well. These days its cheap to get your own music into iTunes without needing a record label. Now that means the quality varies, but in fact you wind up with much more quality music having a chance to be heard than at any other time in the history of recorded music.

Now if only Hollywood would follow, but the whole video issue is really messy. Ideally Ogg Theora video would take off, but its possible that video will remain more problematic for a long time to come.

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Would also be nice if Apple allowed iTunes users to enjoy Ogg Vorbis. At least give people an option to use free software, that would be liberation. Little wonder they held up the W3C recommendation of Theora in HTML5 video tags specifications.

It sure would, that's why I have the gphone rather than the iphone, sure we don't have 3d games (yet) but we do have ogg vorbis support to play that on our phones.

Now I have to get off my lazy keister and write an app that plays back ogg theora video with a nice GUI for my phone.

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