Four *LONG* Years In The Making, Chris Sells Trades In XML for DSL; Puts Out Call For DSL DevCon Speakers

By M. David Peterson
January 21, 2009

While I have no clue what, if any, our "Petition To Get Chris Sells To Host Another SellsCon Before The End Of 2008" (from five days short of a year ago) had to do with his decision to put on another SellsCon, but all I have to say to Chris is:

It's about damn time! ;-) Well that, and:

*SWEET*! Chris Sells it doing another SellsCon! :-) It may be 3 1/2 months later than our petitioned deadline, but close enough. It's on.

w00t! :-)

Obviously I have no way of knowing if the paper I plan to submit for consideration will be accepted, but if yes, and you plan on being one of the 150 in attendance at either Microsoft's seminal Lang.NET Symposium or the newly created DSL DevCon (which follows directly after), see ya there! Actually, even if my paper doesn't get accepted I'll be attending, so either way, if you plan on attending: See ya in April! :-)

The body of Chris Sells Call for Speakers, sent out yesterday to previous SellsCon attendees, follows inline below. You can find an extended overview of the event @

Oh, and for those who would like to gain a sense for what all the hoopla related to a SellsCon is about, you can view a collage of pics from the last SellsCon held in 2004 @ Not that a picture collage will really help in understanding the hoopla, but it will certainly provide a nice view of all that same mentioned hoopla in action. And there's a /TON/ of action taking place at any given time at a SellsCon. Evidence as to such contained in the previously mentioned and linked to collage. ;-)

The Call for Speakers:

Are you interested in presenting a 45-minute talk on some Domain Specific Language (DSL) related topic? It doesn't matter which platform or OS you're targeting. It also doesn't matter whether you're an author, a vendor, a professional speaker or a developer in the trenches (in fact, I tend to be biased toward the latter). We're after interesting and unique applications of DSL technology and if you're doing good work in that area, then I need you to send me a session topic and 2-4 sentence abstract along with a little bit about yourself.

I'll be taking submissions 'til February 9th, 2009, but don't delay. Passion and a burning story to tell count twice as much as anything else.

And don't be shy about spreading this announcement around! I've got good coverage in the .NET and Windows communities, but don't know very many folks in the Java or Unix or hardcore modeling worlds, so if you're in that world, let those guys know! Thanks.

The DSL DevCon itself will be in Redmond, WA on the Microsoft campus April 16-17, 2009, right after the Lang.NET conference. Lang.NET will be focused on general-purpose languages, whereas the DSL DevCon will focus on domain-specific languages. The idea is that if you want to attend one or the other or both, that's totally fine. We'll have 2.5 days of Lang.NET on April 14-16 and then 1.5 days of DSL DevCon content.

Oh, and the cost for both conferences is the same: $0.

We're only accepting 150 attendees to either conference. Every one of the five previous DevCons have sold out, so when we open registration, you'll want to be quick about getting your name on the list.

Submit your DSL-related talk idea!

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