Lawrence Lessig Leaving Stanford; Returning To Harvard; Safra Center

By M. David Peterson
December 12, 2008

As per a recent tweet:

The most surreal experience I've had? /EVER/? Tracking down an issue with Movable Type so Lessig could post this *WOW*!

The above quoted link points to a recent post made by Professor Lawrence Lessig, someone in whom needs no introduction to the crowd of folks reading the blogs here on O' Within that post contains the following news:

About six months ago, I was asked to consider locating this research at a very well established ethics center at Harvard University. Launched more than two decades ago, the Safra Center was first committed to building a program on ethics that would inspire similar programs at universities across the country. But the suggestion was made that after more than two decades of enormous success, it may make sense for the Center to consider focusing at least part of its work on a single problem. No one was certain this made sense, but I was asked to sketch a proposal that wouldn't necessarily displace the current work of the Center, but which would become a primary focus of the Center, and complement its mission.

I did that, mapping a five year project that would draw together scholars from a wide range of disciplines to focus on this increasingly important problem of improper dependence. Harvard liked the proposal. In November, the Provost of Harvard University invited me to become the director of the Safra Center. Last week, I accepted the offer. In the summer, I will begin an appointment at the Harvard Law School, while directing the Safra Center.

*WOW*! Just, *WOW*!

Professor Lessig: I can assure you I am not alone when I state that whatever help you need to bring this new focus in life into fruition, you've got it.

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