Installing Instant Rails on Windows

By Simon St. Laurent
December 22, 2008 | Comments: 6

Or, you may download the file.

When I first started writing Learning Rails, Instant Rails was a godsend. A one-click installer that dealt with all of the challenges of getting Rails and related components working on Windows - and with just an unzip! - was a wonderful thing.

While it hasn't fallen quite out of date as Locomotive, which offered similarly easy installation on Mac OS X 10.4, it's been nearly a year since it last updated. It does support Rails 2.0, but it's 2.0.2, not the latest 2.2. Its deployment package includes the heavier weight MySQL and Apache servers, rather than the lighterweight SQLite and just plain bare Mongrel that's common today.

I fear that my lack of enthusiasm for Instant Rails may contaminate the screencast a bit. Installations aren't always that exciting, and installing a dated piece of software on Windows Vista in an uncooperative mood is fairly frustrating. Nonetheless, if you're working on Windows, this can be the easiest path forward.

I'm planning a few more screencasts, hopefully in the next few weeks, on updating Instant Rails to more recent versions of Rails, as well as on alternate paths for installing Rails on Windows. There are lots of ways to do it!

For more on those screencasts, and other screencasts related to Learning Rails, see Excursions on Rails.

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You know what's really getting old...getting this article on my rss feed every day. What gives?


WTF is up with this damn thing every day!?

Fer the love of all that is holy, make this thing stop showing up in my RSS, what is wrong with this feed? Are you making little tweaks so it keeps showing?

Wow. Today I got it in my feed reader twice an hour apart. Unsubscribed.

i h'v installed instant_Rails application but am unable to run database program got errors


Your book is worth its weight in gold. Thank you so much for writing clearly so that beginners can understand. I'm not a programmer at all, but I've made huge progress with your book.


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