This Election Proved The Internet Can Change The World

By Noah Gift
November 4, 2008 | Comments: 1

As I write this blog entry, America just found out it has a new President, Barack Obama. It was an emotional night for many people, including me, as much of my peer group huddled over streaming video of CNN election news, while we sent and received messages on Twitter. After eight years of terror, fear, lies, and incompetence from our leaders, there is hope in the air, and technology played a part in that change.

Much of the success of Barack Obama's election was the result of strategic use of new technology including Twitter, text messages, website donations, social networking and iPhone applications. Every election from now on, will be different, as the collective power of the Internet, and the individual is put to use.

What else does the internet have in store next? Perhaps a huge surge of movement in #impeachbush on Twitter tomorrow, stranger things have happened.

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1 Comment

Oh VASTLY exaggerate the importance the Internet played in the election.

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