The Weather Channel on the Gphone

By Brian Redfern
November 9, 2008

The Weather Channel app, which was a free download for my tmobile gphone, is a great example of what can be done with the platform.

You have a combination of a software that detects your location and then can give you weather feeds based on physical locations. Then you can pull up a video of the day's forcast for that location.

The video part is really impressive, it shows the commitment that the Weather Channel is putting into the Gphone platform and really increases the value of owning the gphone. It integrates smoothly with google maps, but also overlays meteorology information over the maps to combine their own weather data with google's map data.

I used to think the Weather Channel was kind of boring on TV, except when you have big events like Katrina and Rita. But this makes the weather fun, now its completely relevant to whatever my current location happens to be.

The program works well under wifi and 3g, and downloads a bit slower over edge than those, which is to be expected. The gphone does a good job of auto switching between all three.

For a new application on a new platform the Weather Channel app is really impressive, especially when you think of the work and commitment it takes to generate that much video content on a daily basis.

It represents a real win for Weather Channel, they really bit all the other media players to the platform and shows how a television station can successfully revision itself as a wireless content company.

Since it's free how do they make money? I don't really cover that aspect of things, so for now I'm taking advantage of the mystery and am enjoying the application.

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