Spring Python and Amara

By Uche Ogbuji
November 12, 2008 | Comments: 2

Spring Python is an offshoot of the Java-based Spring Framework and Spring Security, targeted for Python. Spring provides many useful features, and I wanted those same features available when working with Python.

They've released 0.8.0, and it builds on my favorite FLOSS project, Amara.

...we rewrote the IoC container from the ground up. The original PyContainer library has been replaced by the Amara 1.2 XML parsing library. We now support four formats: PyContainerConfig (the original format you know), XMLConfig (our newer, more sophisticated format), PythonConfig/@Object (the pure-python format, similar to Spring Java Configuration project), and finally SpringJavaConfig (using Spring's 2.5 XSD).

To use this release, it is CRITICAL that you install the amara XML library. You can either visit https://fisheye.springframework.org/browse/se-springpython-py/tags/springpython-release-0.8.0/dependencies, to download and install, or type:

% easy_install amara

...on a prompt, and it will download and install the needed items. This should be version 1.2. If you somehow get version 2.x, we aren't ready for that yet.

They sensibly decided to stick with the mature Amara 1.x rather than Amara 2.x. The latter is a full ground-up rewrite, is much more efficient and has a much more powerful API, but it's just now approaching Alpha, and so obviously not yet suitable for a project as far along as Spring Python. A longer term issue might be that we're targeting Python 2.5 and up for Amara 2.x, and Spring Python targets Python 2.4 and up (as does Amara 1.x).

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Thanks for the write-up Uche! I put some more comments on my blog about this subject concerning not just amara 1.2/2.x, but also python 2.4/2.5/2.6/3+.

Hi Ueche, thanks for this piece!

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