I succeeded to cancel my credit card insurance

By Emerson Niide
November 14, 2008

I have a credit card, and even though I only use it for online shopping, I had not cancelled its loss and theft insurance - mostly out of laziness, I must say.

After all, hiring a service is easy, but to cancel it... Whoever has done it before knows that usually canceling something is harder than passing your finals and more boring than declaring your taxes.

Yet, the day came when I built up some courage and decided to face the credit card company's call center so I would no longer pay my monthly US$ 1,99. It's the price of a cup of coffee, but I didn't want to keep paying it for nothing.

I called the answering service and was pleasantly surprised. In about a minute, my insurance was cancelled. The nice operator offered me a residential insurance - which I also politely refused. Well, that was it!

It's true that they will receive a little less money from me every month. On the other hand, I hung up the phone with a very good image of the company.

I was going to cancel the insurance anyway. They could have bothered me, insisting that I continued as their client or they could accept the "defeat" and turn it into something positive.

As they were practical to me, they managed to make me a satisfied customer and also a costumer who is willing to try the company's other services. They achieved an excellent customer relationship, all for the price of one single cup of coffee.

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