First Steps into Rails (on the Mac)

By Simon St. Laurent
November 24, 2008 | Comments: 1

Or, you may download the file.

Getting started with Rails isn't exactly a matter of programming, though that will be important over time. It's more a matter of learning how to move from the command line to the many files Rails creates, and then between the browser and the editor as you make changes and see results.

Once you have Rails installed, it's time to take it for a short and easy ride. This screencast walks you through the first few examples from Chapter 2 of Learning Rails, showing you how to create a controller and view and start putting content there.

For more screencasts and information about Rails and Learning Rails, see Excursions on Rails.

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1 Comment

Hi, thank for the screencast, is good for someone start enter to rails world, i has one question that i hope u can answer me.
let say i create hello project just like u, if now i want to del this hello project, i would like to know how to delete, is that we just delete the hello folder in rails folder or use terminal to delete the hello project?


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