RubyCocoa and NSTables De-Mystified

By Eric Berry
October 16, 2008 | Comments: 3

I spent a good 3 hours today trying to figure out exactly how to get NSTables working while using RubyCocoa. Now that I finally figured it out (to a minimum extent), I wanted to share the wealth.

Here's a screencast I made. There's no audio on it, but the video should be good enough to understand what's going on. This screencast how to create a RubyCocoa application which pulls search results from Amazon using their Web API and populates a table.

Watch Screencast

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Great screencast.

I'm still thinking why I'm using Eclipse/Aptana tu learn Ruby.


Great job with this Eric. Next time we need Audio! You did a great job even without Audio.

Thanks Giuseppe. XCode is probably not the best way to learn Ruby, however. I use TextMate (

Thanks Gregg. I'll definitely add audio to the next screencast. I just have a hard time coding and talking at the same time :D

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