Google App Engine Gets HTTPS!

By Noah Gift
October 16, 2008 | Comments: 2

I just got an email that HTTPS is available on Google App Engine now. This is absolutely huge for people that wanted to build commercial applications, or talk to third party APIs, such as Amazon S3. Great job Google!

Jonathan Saggau, and I are presenting at the O'Reilly iPhone Live Conference, and we needed HTTPS, so this will make our talk even better. We are going to demo a commercial app that will be released that same day, and it does in fact use Google App Engine, and Amazon S3.

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Is there -any- chance you could do something about your RSS feed on Planet Python? You're currently flooding what should be a Python-focused feed with a lot of stuff that just isn't relevant: posts on Photoshop, ODF, global warning, project mgmt with Sharepoint etc etc etc


I don't have any control over my O'Reilly feed, so I emailed the staff and told them about the problem. I think they have fixed it. Tres, also took my feed off of Planet Python as well until O'Reilly fixes it.

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