Editors Choice Award for "Green IT Architect"; A TechTarget writeup on our talk at OpenWorld

By David A. Chappell
October 24, 2008

Back on Earth Day 2008 I blogged about how Verizon Wireless is "Going Green" with SOA and EDA, and measuring the resulting ROI by reduction in tonnage of hardware in the datacenter. Reduction of hardware means less power consumption from the hardware itself, usually accompanied by an equal amount of reduction in power for air conditioning in the datacenter.

I'm happy to announce that this same customer, Jan Shook of Verizon Wireless, has been named as the recipient of the Oracle Magazine Editors Choice Award for "Green IT Architect of the Year"

Jan recently co-presented with me at OpenWorld where Rich Seeley of SearchSOA.com was in the audience and subsequently did a nice writeup which includes this -

Speaking from Oracle Open World, Jan Shook, principal architect for the fraud team at Verizon Wireless, noted that J2EE coders may be disappointed because he has re-architected the fraud detection application using Oracle Business Process Scripting Language, so there is no Java code left.
He also explained how a BPEL-based application is reducing hardware and power consumption while providing the fraud detection team with better information for decision making.

Nice job Rich for capturing the essence of the salient points from the talk, and nice job Jan for earning that award! Lets all keep "Going Green with SOA"

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