By M. David Peterson
October 1, 2008

AKA Windows Server 2008 running on EC2? It looks that way...

Coming Soon: Amazon EC2 With Windows

We're getting ready to enable the use of Microsoft Windows Server on Amazon EC2 later this Fall.

You will be able to use Amazon EC2 to host highly scalable ASP.NET sites, high performance computing (HPC) clusters, media transcoders, SQL Server, and more. You can run Visual Studio (or another development environment) on your desktop and run the finished code in the Amazon cloud.

The 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Server will be available and will be able to use all existing EC2 features such as Elastic IP Addresses, Availability Zones, and the Elastic Block Store. You'll be able to call any of the other Amazon Web Services from your application. You will, for example, be able to use the Amazon Simple Queue Service to glue cross-platform applications together.

So what makes this even more interesting, at the end of this same post from Jeff Barr:

We'll be at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) in Los Angeles at the end of October. Be sure to stop by our booth to say hello if you are at the conference.

The interesting bit? Rumor has it that both Red Dog and Zurich, Microsoft's two assumed competitors to Google's App Engine and Amazon's EC2, will be announced at that same conference.

Interesting times ahead for utility-based cloud computing, my friends. Interesting times!

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