Where 2.0: The State of the Geospatial Web
An O'Reilly Radar Report

By O'Reilly Media
September 17, 2008


The GeoWeb is a rich melange of data and services, full of opportunity. It's worth studying by anyone concerned with the future of the internet platform. (It's not just for location geeks!)." — Tim O'Reilly, from the Preface

Where 2.0: The State of the Geospatial Web — The GeoWeb is a rapidly evolving Web 2.0 market of innovative data and software applications—including location-based services, social software, and even augmented reality—for both the web and mobile devices. Propelled by the new location-aware iPhone, the GeoWeb is hurtling into the mainstream. This report maps out the new generation of geo products and services, identify the major players, and show how your business can leverage the power of Where 2.0. Learn more.

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