Vista Must Haves? Tablet PC Must Haves?

By C.K. Sample III
August 22, 2008 | Comments: 3

I've heard a lot of people complaining about Vista and a lot of talk about downgrading to XP over the past year, but as an avid Mac user, I've watched this discussion largely from the sidelines. However, today I received notification that the HP Tablet PC running Windows Vista that I ordered is shipping and I'm starting to think about what I'll want on the platform.

I'll undoubtedly use all the cloud-connected, cross-platform pieces of software that I discussed in my last blog post here, but I'm wondering if there are any dedicated Vista users out there with some great recommendations for Vista Must Haves. Let me know in the comments and I'll do a follow up post with everything mentioned and anything I discover on my own after I get my tablet and have time to tinker with it. I'd love to hear tablet-specific recommendations as well.

I'm probably going to transfer my Adobe Creative Suite 3 license from Mac to PC, so that I can use it on the tablet, but I'd love to hear from people who have experience using CS3 on both platforms to see if there's any reason I should avoid this move.

The main Mac-only applications that I'm looking for replacements for are:

  • BBEdit—my favorite text editor.

  • Transmit—my favorite FTP app

  • Skitch—Is there a great screen capture / screen markup service like Skitch for Windows?

Other applications that I could use good recommendations for are:

  • A good IRC client

  • Any killer Vista-based apps for interfacing with Amazon S3

I look forward to everyone's recommendations. If there's no response, then I'll know for sure that everyone unequivocally despises Vista, and I'll have to consider downgrading. ;-)

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In lieu of Trasmit, I'd recommend Filezilla. As far as Skitch: Tablet PCs come with a Snipping Tool that's great for basic screen, section, window capture as well as light ink markup. If you want to go further, test drive Microsoft OneNote, which I think is a 30-day free trial.

Thanks, Kevin. I'll definitely check those out, as I get my tablet later today. It's been delivered; I'm just not where it is.

I wonder if the lack of more comments indicates that no one uses Vista...

Honestly I found Vista to be too tough to adapt to -- not as a user, but oh my aching peripherals!

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